Practical Experience

      We have experience in automating small and medium enterprises for almost 20 years.

    For nearly 20 years, we help organizations increase their efficiency, performance and business processes.

    By using this experience,we can offer targeted and pragmatic advice on how we can address good things, how you can make optimal use of ICT in your company, which are great toolsand partnerson the market and how we can improve the follow up, monitoring and control of your company.

    So that your business processes can benefit in full of your ICT, unrelatedly of any implementations by us or by other colleagues.

    We can help you in selecting, designing and furnishing:

  • A new ERP or financial system
  • Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
  • Reporting and Business Intelligence environments
  • Preparing or fine-tune your organization's function of a new ERP implementation (project and / or change management)
  • Process Description and Control
  • ISO implementations
  • Balanced Scorecards and Key Performance Indicators
  • ICT departments
  • ICT budgets (annual or multi annual IT costs and investments)
  • ROI studies
  • Hardware and software audits

    We can also help you tackle projects, load cases and negotiations, even if the projects will not be performed by us.

    Our strengths:

  • Our adviceis based onnearly 20 years of practical experience, combined byreal business experience andinsights.
  • Pragmatic and no-nonsense, we are not "theory-sellers' but advise from a pragmatic stand point, assuming that our advice should work in practice and application wise.