ICT Management

    At small and Medium Sized Enterprises ICT management is likely to be seen as a necessary evil. It is not part of the core business of the company and therefor has often the lowest priority on the to do list.

    Due to limited occupancy with in the company is an experienced ICT point of contact is not available and causes a lack of knowledge of computing,regular frustrations of powerlessness and resentment. One must, there fore tothemselves over to computer manufacturers that the roles of both supplier and consultant play. As a customer you get is often noobjective advice and you are left to the good will of these companies.

    As an independent party, we are your objective advisor with a broad expertise, technical knowledge and sufficient experience in the IT world has only 1 goal: your interests!

    We act for you as a contact for all your IT contacts, negotiating with your IT suppliers and partners and monitor your ICT budget.We do this in your name from your company, your philosophy...Together with you!