About N.S.C.S. bvba

    The man behind N.S.C.S. bvba is Robin Van Elsen. He has long been passionate about informatics. He worked his way through various IT courses and evening classes. The various studies are followed by practical experiences in different sectors in various countries. This structure of work and study results is the broad base, typical of the approach of N.S.C.S.bvba.

    Already during his studies Robin focuses its first case, he developed software applications for various companies.

    After his studies Robin started his professional career as a software developer at General Computers. Besides software development, Robin builds an experience in system management of computers and networks and also the Technical Department of General Computer Support. A thorough knowledge of Unix / Linux, Microsoft and Mac operating systems are the result of years of passionate work with these systems.

    This is also not escaped his colleagues in 1998 and Robin is taken to Biffa Waste Services in Vilvoorde to work as System Engineer.

    In September 2000 he was asked to setup IT services and to manage the ERP Implementation at GDM Electronics as ICT manager. With offices in Slovakia and Romania he also expanded its international experience. After the implementation of Oracle E-Business Suite in 2005, a more expanded ERP System for GDM Electronics, he was asked to work for Oracle Belgium.

    In Oracle he builds his own network with jobs that he likes within the Oracle PIM / PLM product line for Oracle University in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and teaches. As PIM / PLM specialist he knows several Oracle customers to guide them in a successful implementation of PIM / PLM modules. Not only PIM / PLM modules were implemented, also other areas are covered as Inventory, Order Management, Costing, Process Manufacturing, Discrete Manufacturing, Finance and more. He also picks up technical skills in installing, setting up Oracle B2B Server, Oracle SOA, BPEL, ESB, BPM, XML, Publisher and Oracle BI. All those functional and technical skills together with developing tools as JDeveloper and SQL Developer, made him employable on many fields.

    In 2010 he joined Inter Access, where he served as proxy customer performing analysis for a new Quotation Tool, fully custom written in Oracle Apex and he also implemented Oracle E-Business Suites in Belgium and The Netherlands. His thorough knowledge of Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing gives him a good insight into key business processes such as Purchase, Sales, Production and Inventory Management and ensures an optimal implementation at the customer.

    In 1999 he decides to establish N.S.C.S. bvba to set up as a sideline activity. After years of urging by his customers, he decides to upgrade the sideline business to a complete self-employment and full time business.

    N.S.C.S. bvba seeks total independence. On the one hand this means that the consulting company has no connection with suppliers or other providers. On the other hand also wants the customer to be independent of N.S.C.S.bvba.

"The link between the customer and N.S.C.S.bvba must be based on satisfaction and trust rather than on need or dependence."