ICT Beheer

    At small and Medium Sized Enterprises ICT management is likely to be seen as a necessary evil. It is not part of the core business of the company and therefor has often the lowest priority on the To Do list.

    Due to limitedoccupancywithin the companyis an experiencedICTpoint of contactis not availableand causes alack of knowledge ofcomputing,regularfrustrationsof powerlessnessand resentment.Onemust, thereforetothemselvesover tocomputer manufacturersthatthe roles of bothsupplier andconsultantplay. As a customeryou getis often noobjective adviceand you areleft to thegoodwillof these companies.

    As an independent party, we areyourobjectiveadvisorwitha broadexpertise, technical knowledge and sufficientexperience in the ITworldhasonly 1goal: your interests!

    We actfor you as acontact forall your ITcontacts, negotiating with your ITsuppliers and partners andmonitoryour ICTbudget. We do thisin your namefrom your company, yourphilosophy...Together with you!